Yoga with a mindful focus


Sep 10 through to Dec 11
MONDAY Eve Shaganappi  (7 – 8:45) FULL!
TUESDAY Midday Shaganappi (11 – 1:30) only a couple of spaces left!
TUESDAY Eve Westgate (7:15 – 9) note change of venue and time!
Save by registering for two or more classes


Led by a certified yoga therapist who has more than a decade of experience.  Here’s aregistration form.
Working physically in a mildly- to fairly-vigourous manner for the first half of class, our bodies, minds and spirits will be prepared for a nice, leisurely retreat for the second half.

The physicial work likely will consist of developing a foundation of slower-paced but stamina-building Iyengar-style holds of key yoga poses for a few weeks and then focus on moderately-paced flows combining and building on many of those same poses in unique and fun ways for the next few.  From time to time, physically-gentle but mentally-taxing work with props like black straps will be incorporated near the end of the active part of class.  The “retreat” portion will include restorative (propped) yoga poses,  and then cumulatively build on elements of an entirely relaxed savasana posture, and progress to increasingly profound iRest yoga nidra sessions and / or visualization.

Contrary to information available in June, Westgate Community has become for ourTuesday evening classes.  It is a little more conducive to an intimate yoga class than Rosscarrock.  We will start at 7:15 and run until 9PM.

I am excited to be developing this approach to practice for you.  Congrats to those who already have registered.  For those who are interested and have not yet made the commitment, you can find the REGISTRATION FORM here.  Space is limited!

A Gift for You

journey spiritually with a soul-friend in training for free

As you may know, I am a trained spiritual director.  I can’t imagine more satisfying work than accompanying people as they encounter life’s unbounded fullness and reflect upon what it all means for them.  As part of their professional and personal development, spiritual directors also partake in their own direction.  I find that I deeply treasure the gently challenging companionship my directors provide as I face my own demons and encounter dark and bright times alike.Spiritual direction commonly takes place on a monthly basis and payment generally is by donation, typically based on an hour of the directee’s wage or salary per hour of direction received.Although I invite you at any time to contact me for spiritual direction, I’d like to inform you of a special opportunity to be accompanied free of any expectation of payment by a practicum student who is supervised by a fully-qualified director.  This is offered through the program that trained me.  Click here for more information from my mentor, John Griffith.


Calgary Currie Residents

Have your voice heard and serve your community

For a number of years this constituency has not had the ear of the provincial government.  Now it does.

As like-minded, ethical peeps, I believe you to be precisely the antidote to apathy, greed and short-sightedness that can so easily creep in during a majority government’s time in office.  So, if you live in Calgary Currie and are a member of the PC party or recognize the value of becoming a member, please consider attending the AGM at 7 PM on Thursday, September 6 at the Killarney Community Centre.   Memberships will be on sale before the meeting.

Constituency MLA and Provincial Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Christine Cusanelli, will be in attendance as directors of the Calgary Currie PC Constituency are nominated and voted into place.  This is a great way to be involved at the grassroots level and take action from inside the political machine.

For more information, here’s Minister Cusanelli’s website.

“It’s this impulse to awaken that gives us the courage to look at all the ways in which we deceive ourselves.  It is an impulse that calls us to take responsibility for our own lives.” 
Adyashanti in The End of Your World

 YogInsight:  Attitude and Strategies for Growing Through Life Joyfully

Wishing you peace always,