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Black Strap / Spinal Strip

Tuesday, Apr 9 2019

Spinal Strip Yoga – Back Care
7 – 9 PM


Scientists are finding that when we move mindfully, we develop more connections in the somato-sensory cortex of the brain. In addition to a number of physical benefits of which some are listed below, researchers are also seeing a link to development of empathy and compassion through the cultivation of mirror neurons.
One way to practice mindful movement in yoga is to use the spinal strip / black strap. In addition to the connections mentioned above, over time practice with this yoga prop commonly results in enhanced concentration, freer breathing, and improved posture, stress relief, pain control, and ease of movement.

Spend two hours exploring and experiencing the many benefits of using the spinal strip / black strap with awareness and purpose.

Practices are almost exclusively in a supine (lying on the back) position. Suitable for beginners and all levels of experience.

What to bring:
• A yoga mat or something to lay on and a pillow, or whatever props support your body
in relaxing completely.
• Wear comfortable clothing suitable for moving around on the floor (no skirts or
dresses) as almost all poses are done lying down.
• For the comfort of everyone attending, please do not wear strong perfumes or scents.

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