Supta Padangusthasana

Hawaii suptapadanusthasana

Supta Padangusthasana


is Sanskrit for (loosely translated) “supine finger-to-toe pose”.  Here I am practicing it without props, but often we practice it with a strap that acts as an arm extender so we can keep the elbow alongside the body. Allowing the upper arm to ground facilitates a broad and relaxed upper body.

Supta Padangusthasana is wonderful for releasing hamstrings and encouraging full hip flexion range of motion while teaching the practitioner to stabilize the pelvis and lower back and keep the chest broad, all at the same time. For these reasons it is therapeutic for the back. Many people find that it promotes restful sleep.

Sometimes Supta Padangusthasana is used as a lower back “stretch,” but there are better ways to accomplish lumbar release.








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