iRest® . . . for this time of waiting.

FREE – Monday, December 21st at 7PM MDT

This time of long, dark nights, made infinitely more solitary this year, literally and figuratively, challenge us at our very core. Our faith is tested and we are called on to be patient, to trust, and possibly to courageously face some of our deepest fears.

Theologian Martin Laird is known to have said, “we become aware of the mental habits…not because we are moving into darkness…but because of our increasing proximity to…very loving light.”

In this spirit, I’d like to invite you to join me for a complimentary on-line experience of Integrative Restoration, or iRest, this coming Monday evening at 7PM MDT.

What often is experienced as a deeply relaxing guided meditation can be profoundly supportive, and sometimes even transformative.

Yoga nidra, a practical form of meditation first used by ordinary people in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent millennia ago, is adapted in iRest for modern, Western sensibilities. In turn, iRest, or Integrative Restoration, is an educational and healing meditation practice that integrates us with ourselves and the world and restores us to wholeness. It has been adopted by the US military for returning veterans, active duty soldiers and their families as an effective response to the devastating effects of trauma, as well as by other agencies such as Wellspring Calgary, where I offer iRest to those affected by cancer.

iRest® can be learned and applied in any position and, with experience, at any time and in any situation.

Join me on Zoom at 7PM MDT on Monday, December 21st. You can plan on an hour.