Yoga for Stress Relief at Healthy Minds Cafe

Opportunity Works Calgary Inc. presents

New York Apple AssociationThe Healthy Minds Café

Drop by on your way home from work for a free presentation, free coffee, and free conversation to help you maintain a healthy perspective on life!

 Join us at Second Cup in Killarney for this free event:

(2803 – 17 Ave SW)

January 25th 20135:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Java and Yoga for Stress Relief

with Lonnie DeSorcy


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Healthy MInds Cafe presents Java and Yoga for Stress Relief with Lonnie DeSorcy


Lonnie Manifesto

I am passionate about empowering people who ask for my help to approach life with a courageous agility, replete with a life view and a repertoire of supportive strategies and tools from which they can draw. Well into my second half-century of life, I can confidently say that this is the mission around which my entire life has revolved.

My philosophy is that life is a messy proposition and that there is no one way to rein it in. I believe that you are here to live life fully alongside others with whom you are in relationship, but that you generally are not capable of doing this in a neat or predictable fashion all the way through. You are born with relative strengths and deficits. Sometimes the very deficits become the gifts, and the reverse also is true.

Life events are lessons; generally they are presented to you in the way of praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, and fame and disrepute. You cannot avoid these, and you are no more or no less when you experience any of them. What is important is how you act when they present themselves. I also agree with Einstein that there are two ways to live your life: as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.

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Stress and Its Deconstruction through Simple Breath Control

You live in a suburban Canadian area. Today you’re driving along upon a clear road.

You feel stressed. So much to do! Can’t even visualize getting it all done. Wishing you hadn’t committed to that project, and barely able to contain your anticipation of that warm-weather holiday you have planned for a month or so out.

And then, you get stuck behind a pokey driver who gets through the intersection on a yellow and you are left having to stop at yet another red light. You start to tap, even pound, on your steering wheel. All kinds of thoughts rush through your brain, from blaming yourself for not getting an earlier start to criticizing the other people on the road for just being there. The thoughts don’t stop there, though. If you were paying attention, you would start to notice that you are blaming the traffic engineers and politicians for not better planning and funding the transportation system, and even feeling resentful of your clients and people with whom you work.

You remember, if you’re lucky, what your counselor told you, what you’ve read in “O” magazine, or what you’ve learned in yoga class: Get into your body, now! It will get you into the moment – – – the true, unadulterated moment in which your mind is not able to indiscriminately fabricate all sorts of nonsense that causes you to suffer unduly.

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