Yoga for Self Care: Less and More than You Might Think


Yoga for Self Care?  That you would practice yoga to care for yourself seems obvious, perhaps.  You do it to stay limber, to de-stress, right?  All the common knowledge out there tells you that yoga is good for you.

A couple of years ago I wrote little blogs on my old website, each expounding on a benefit of yoga according to Dr. Timothy McCall, MD, complete with my little commentary. There were over forty substantial benefits.  From improving blood gases through practice of simple breathing techniques to ramping up cardiac health by spending time with and possibly serving others, yoga appears to be a veritable treasure trove of care tools!

However, what I’ve found is ultimately much more important than doing yoga to attain a certain result is to do it simply because, when undertaken as it is intended, yoga requires spending time with yourself, on yourself, in a dedicated, honest, and yet compassionate, manner, not knowing where the journey is going to take you.

Are you up to it? Can you make that kind of commitment to yourself?  I am offering an opportunity for you to embark on just such an adventure this spring.  Weekly classes will ensure that you spend time with yourself regularly.


Time Location Type Fee

Monday Eve

(7:00 – 8:45 PM)

Shaganappi Community

Multi-level Yoga

for Self Care


Tuesday Midday

(11:30 AM – 1:00 PM)

Shaganappi Community

Multi-level Yoga

for Self Care

Tuesday Eve (7:15 – 9 PM) Westgate Community

Multi-level Yoga

for Self Care


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Mar 16 WORKSHOP: Strengthening the Container

A Yoga-Based Workshop to Cultivate Inner Strength

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 March 16, 2013

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Spring Yoga for Self-Care

April 15 – June 18, 2013

A new season approaches. . .

Many people enjoy this time of transition from apparent stagnation and New Lifedeath to the springing forth of new life.

Others of us, for reasons at which we can only guess, find this time difficult. . . like life is blossoming everywhere EXCEPT in us.

I have felt both ways, at different times.  In either case, we need and deserve some regular time for self care that isn’t necessarily  Continue reading