Amy and Lonnie

Amy Weintraub and Lonnie Jan 19 2013

Lonnie DeSorcy is, first and foremost, a yoga therapist.  A yoga therapist, in complement to allopathic medicine, wholistically considers the individual’s constitution, current situation and milieu when working with that individual to apply yogic philosophy and tools to address areas of less-than-optimal functioning with the goal of returning to a state of balance,

Her long-term practice and teaching of yoga over decades, in conjunction with a wealth of training and experience, uniquely qualify her for this work.  Her special interests include using yoga for self-care, mood management, chronic pain, and personal / spiritual development.


  • C-IAYT – Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Certified Senior Yoga Teacher (800 hr+) – Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) (qualified to teach teachers)
  • LifeForce Yoga Practitioner, Level II  – LifeForce Yoga(R) Healing Institute
  • Certified Spiritual Director – FCJ Centre
  • Certified Yoga Thrive(R) for Cancer teacher
  • Certified Trinity Yoga Adaptive Yoga teacher
  • Level II iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation teacher

Other trainings of note:

  • 75 hours with Maria Mendola, RN and trainer in several IAYT-accredited yoga therapy programs:  Advanced Assessment and Treatment Plans in Yoga Therapy
  • five days yoga for chronic pain with Neil Pearson
  • Level II Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) with Gert Van Leeuwen
  • several years of Iyengar asana and pranayama
  • restorative yoga with Judith Hansen Lasater and teachers of Kabir Baug as well as Dean Ornish Program, specializing in yoga for back and heart problems
  • certified Yoga4Kids teacher
  • years of training and experience in vipassana (insight and mindfulness) meditation, including several 5-day retreats and 9-day silent retreats.
  • training in other forms of meditation in the yoga tradition, including four week-long retreats with Richard Miller, founder of Integrative Restoration and International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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