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Simple Shoulder Mobility

Shoulders often carry heavy loads.  They mark the juncture of our torsos with our upper limbs.  When the postural muscles in our torsos are weak or tight, our shoulders, which are a relatively unstable joint, often compensate.  And we use our upper limbs to carry out innumerable tasks – lifting, carrying, reaching, washing, driving, raking, …

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Sinus Problems – Spring is Kapha Season!

  Even in dry, semi-arid, montane Calgary, spring is kapha season.  In ayurveda, sister science to yoga, kapha is characterized by cold and damp.  And it is this dosha, kapha, that is associated with sinus issues gaining a foothold.  This will be especially true for individuals who have a kapha prakriti, or constitution. Lifestyle adjustments …

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Fresh Coriander (Cilantro) Chutney

This lovely chutney (from Yoga Journal, Scott Blossom) adds some sweet, sour, salty variety to the nourishing and cleansing kitchari I have posted elsewhere on this site. Ingredients 1 bunch fresh coriander (cilantro or Chinese parsley) ¼ C fresh lemon juice ¼ C purified water ¼ C unsweetened dry coconut 2 T fresh ginger root, …

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