2017 Sunday Afternoon Mini Workshop at FCJ – Calming the Inner Critic

Sunday, October 1st 1 – 4

Using Yoga and Meditation to Calm the Inner Critic

$40. Click here for more details.  For a description of a previous Inner Critic Workshop, see here.
Register early, to avoid cancellation due to low numbers, with the FCJ Centre by calling 403-228-4215 with your credit card.

The Centre has lovely grounds, ample parking in the back, and hosts a wide variety of programs that enhance the spiritual and emotional lives of Calgarians and people in the general vicinity.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, dear friends!

Recently I heard from someone that, given the rough year through which she had just lived, she was going to rename Thanksgiving to “Pilgrims’ Day.” She just didn’t feel very thankful. Her declaration caused me to reflect on a number of different levels. (I have a monkey mind, you see.) First, how insightful for this …

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