You have arrived at a place where you are valued. You are precious in my eyes.

Since I was very young I have noticed how people suffer. I’ve been driven to find out why that is so. And I’ve been called to help people move through their lives with more ease.

When I offer group and individual yoga instruction, yoga therapy, spiritual direction and healing energetics, I feel most myself.

Web design is not my forte but know that there’s a lot on this website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me!

Difficulties, Attention, Neuroscience and Yoga

another type of attention, associated with insight, creativity, and improved health, involves defocusing, almost like a peripheral vision or feeling outward in all directions, aware and detached while noticing moment by moment unfolding of life – sensations like sounds and feelings, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. When we are well established in this state, we can actively choose whether to examine something in more detail.

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We all want to be happy and peaceful. And yet these qualities are elusive for many, and transient even for those who generally themselves as possessing them. Regardless of creed or station in life, we all encounter problematic situations and may come to associate some of them with certain people. These circumstances range from mere …

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