Yoga in the Meantime

While Calgary, Alberta, Canada and most of the rest of the world observe strict social distancing to affect the spread of COVID-19, let’s consider our effort to be a societal act of ahimsa – nonviolence.

May changing circumstances remind us of our True Nature – already and forever timeless, spacious, perfect, connected and complete, just as we are.

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Easing Gently into the New Year

Gratitude On this auspicious day, my heart swells with gratitude for the grace that allows me to continue this path of right livelihood – supporting people as they navigate through the twists and turns of life’s dance through the tools of yoga and Presence. Thank you for your part in this symbiotic grace, your authentic …

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Difficulties, Attention, Neuroscience and Yoga

another type of attention, associated with insight, creativity, and improved health, involves defocusing, almost like a peripheral vision or feeling outward in all directions, aware and detached while noticing moment by moment unfolding of life – sensations like sounds and feelings, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. When we are well established in this state, we can actively choose whether to examine something in more detail.

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